Account Settings

Account settings are accessible via the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the Campaign Suite.

“My Account” allows to change the first and last name of the current user or to set a nickname. These are visible in the “Recent Downloads” and in the “Campaign Suite History”.

Furthermore, it’s possible to change the language and timezone settings of the user account. This influences all the times, which are presented in the Campaign Suite. For example, when scheduling an automatic feed import, the time will be set according to the selected timezone.

In order to change the password, type the old password and the new password twice into the according fields. After saving, the new password will be set for this user account.

My Account

The “Campaign Structure” defines the default structure of campaigns and ad groups. It cannot be changed after the first template has been created. Learn more about Campaign Structures.

Learn about global variables in the variables page.

Under “Tracking Settings” define tracking templates and custom parameters.

Tool Settings

The general settings page allows to upload a company logo, which will replace the company name in the upper right corner of the Campaign Suite.

Default targeting

Furthermore, it’s possible to set default targeting options. During the first setup wizard of the Campaign Suite, they already get defined. Afterwards, this is the place to change them. These settings will be used as default settings for new templates.

  • Select the default target countries and languages
  • Set the default budget and max CPC
  • Define the default text ad length
  • Edit the Google AdWords connection settings
Google Adwords Connection Settings

If you did not authenticate a Google AdWords account in the campaign wizard or if you wish to change the account you previously provided, just click on “Connect”. This will open a pop-up Google authentication window wherein you can enter your login credentials.

Connecting a Google Account to the Campaign Suite will enable you to activate Analytics and Optimization Tools. Furthermore, the Google Accounts will be available in tables in the column account_google. This makes sure that during an export separate files are created for each of the Google Accounts selected in tables. The third reason to connect a Google account is that it will enable the Campaign Suite to create a search term mapping table based on Google search term reports.

Note: The Campaign Suite never writes anything into a Google AdWords account. You will always do this manually via the AdWords Editor after exporting a file from the Campaign Suite. This also counts for Analytics and Optimization Tools.

Hint: When connecting an MCC (Google My Client Center) it’s possible to use only some of the included Campaign Suite accounts.

Analytics Settings

Analytics Settings are only available if a Google Account is connected. Learn more about Analytics Settings under Analytics Setup.

The history is a very simple tool that lists previous actions that happened in the account. Learn more about the history.

Clicking on the log out button will log the current user out of the Campaign Suite. This will ensure that other users of the same computer will not be able to tamper with someone’s Campaign Suite account. Therefore, always log out before leaving your computer unattended!