Analytics Setup

This article explains how to set up the Analytics and Optimization Tools in the Campaign Suite.

Step 1: Google AdWords account connection

Go to the general settings page by clicking on the gear symbol in the upper right corner.
General settings

Navigate to the “Connection Settings section” and check if the correct Google AdWords account is already connected. If yes, skip to step 2. If not, connect the appropriate Google AdWords account to the Campaign Suite. Clicking the “Connect” button will open a window, asking to allow our servers to connect to the AdWords account or MCC. In case of an MCC account, it’s possible to load and customize the list of all accounts connected to the MCC.
Connect AdWords accounts

Step 2: Analytics settings

In the Analytics Settings section, which appears below the Connection Settings as soon as a Google Account is connected, select “Yes”. Then inform the Campaign Suite about the currency of the AdWords account, whether tracking is based on orders or leads and whether revenue is tracked. Furthermore, it needs to know about the correct timezone of the AdWords account.
Analytics settings