The history is a very simple tool that lists previous actions that happened in the Campaign Suite account. It works comparably to the Google AdWords “Change History”. Use the Campaign Suite history in order to find out what happened recently. It is also very helpful to identify the root causes of unexpected situations, such as missing data. Access the Campaign Suite history from the main settings menu.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 15.36.56

The Campaign Suite history tracks date, username, location and action. For all of the four items find filters in the menu bar. Please note that the filters only contain those entries, which actually occurred. For example, if one of the users does nothing in the account throughout the whole time period, it will not be mentioned in the users list.


The history is kept for all time. Tracking starts with the creation of the Campaign Suite account. For all accounts, which already existed when this feature was released, the tracking starts with the release of the history in Dec 2014. 

Tracked actions

  • Added new table
  • Added new rows
  • Changed table rows
  • Deleted table rows
  • Empty table
  • Executed dynamic rule
  • Automatic feed import
  • Manual feed import
  • Imported an other feed
  • Feed settings updated
  • Mapping table updated
  • Changed relation
  • Removed relation
  • Imported table
  • Exported table
  • Backup created
  • Restored table
  • Added new template
  • Edit keywords
  • Edit negatives
  • Edit sitelinks
  • Edit text ads
  • Changed applied relations
  • Changed assigned tables
  • Changed status management
  • Added new template variable
  • Edited template variable
  • Deleted template variable
  • Export template
  • Remove template
  • Global variables changed
  • Settings changed