Tracking settings

In Google AdWords, tracking components of landing page URLs have to be put into tracking templates. The remainder is called the final URL. This separation is done in order to ensure that changes to the tracking components do not change the identity – and hence remove the history – of the keyword or text ad. Only a change to the final URL will have such an impact.

Tracking SettingsStep 1: Set up a global tracking template

First, click the gear symbol to get to the “Tracking settings”. There, create a global tracking template.

It is required to use the parameter {lpurl}, which defines where Google will put the respective final URL or final mobile URL for the keyword. Furthermore, it’s possible to insert up to 3 custom parameters. Their value can later be specified in the Keywords tab of all templates. Take note that only 3 custom parameters are allowed and that they must start with an underscore, e.g. {_cust1}.

Global tracking template
Step 2: Specify custom parameters

After adding {_cust1} or something similar into the tracking template, the Campaign Suite allows to put table columns, template variables or global variables into them, depending on the specific keyword. In order to do that, navigate to any template and see the according fields behind the custom parameter name in the Keywords tab.

Custom parameters

Note: Please always start the name of a custom parameter with the underscore character “_” as this is a requirement from Google.

In case the tracking template should differ from the default for certain ad groups or campaigns, the solution is to create template-specific tracking templates. Go to “Tracking settings” by clicking on the gear symbol. Below the global tracking template, the Campaign Suite offers to set up template-specific tracking templates.

Press “add custom template tracking template” and select the according Campaign Suite template for which it’s intended to be used. Define the tracking template and save it. Now, for this template, the Campaign Suite will no longer use the global tracking template, but only the specific custom tracking template. This means that all ad groups, which get created by that Campaign Suite template, will get the new specific tracking template assigned during the next export.”