Upgrade URLs without tracking

In Google Ads, read and follow this guide to upgrade landing page URLs. Make sure to switch all destination URLs to final URLs. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Download the Google Ads account to the AdWords Editor.
  2. Export a file with the parts of the account that should be upgraded (in many cases, the whole account contains too much data to be exported all at once).
  3. Use Excel to rename the “Destination URL” column to “Final URL”. Furthermore, add a new column named “Destination URL” and leave it empty.
  4. Save the file and import it in the AdWords Editor. Unless there are any errors, post the changes.
  5. Do this again, with the next chunk of data if you didn’t update the whole account above.
Crealytics’ Search Platform no longer supports destination URLs either. We changed all destination URL fields to final URL fields. All former destination URLs will now be exported as final URLs. Therefore, if you made any changes to the URLs in step 1, these must also be performed in Crealytics’ Search Platform. Please refer to the troubleshooting section here, if you want to learn how to ensure your URLs don’t contain spaces or curly brackets.