Campaign Suite 6.3.4

Published on Aug 7, 2016

Expanded Text Ads

Ad preview
The Campaign Suite now supports the new Expanded Text Ads.
Google regularly tests new ways of advertising online. Expanded Text Ads have proven to be more efficient and effective than conventional ads. Please be aware to replace all of your conventional ads with expanded ads until end of October. After this deadline, the old ad format will no longer be supported by Google AdWords.
In every template you will find a new tab called “Expanded Text Ads”, which allows to write ads in Google’s brand new format.
Expanded Text AdsExpanded Text Ads
The template preview and the export preview have been updated to support expanded text ads.
In every template we have included a dummy expanded text ad. This ensures that you will be able to export your template even if you don’t wish to deal with the new ad format yet.
Dummy ads
These dummy ads will not be uploaded into your AdWords accounts, if you leave the columns “Expanded Text Ads” and “Statuses” unselected during export.
Export columns
Expanded text ads are exported in the same manner as all other Campaign Suite contents via the AdWords Editor.