Campaign Suite 6.0.4

Published on Mar 20, 2015

Major new features

  1. A new feature allows to see the amount of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and other entities in the template preview.Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 18.55.18

Major bug fixes

  • After importing a product feed via the new product feed wizard, the window for creating new tables was opened and closed right away.
  • Template statuses are now updated immediately on the template overview page. Recently, the status (e.g. “require review”) had been updated with a delay.
  • After duplicating a text ad, the window did not close properly.
  • Some relations could not be deleted. Instead this message appeared: “Relation from or to the lookup table cannot be disabled.”
  • The table filter “between” now includes the first and last value of the interval, too.
  • A bug prevented relations in templates from being activated, if their tables and table columns had the same names.
  • In the export preview, the tabs “Campaigns” and “Ad groups” were totally empty in certain cases.

Hotfixes since last update

  • An issue has been fixed, which caused the template overview page to crash.
  • Some template variables were removed. It has been ensured that this is not happening again. Furthermore the missing variables have been restored.
  • Some minor enhancements to the text counter were introduced.
  • After completing the product feed wizard, for some big feeds the feed import was not successful. This has been fixed to make sure that even big feeds are imported correctly.
  • When the process of importing a feed to a table was aborted, the feed was recognized as if the process was finished and successful. When aborting a feed import, there will no longer be a feed recognized.
  • In some rare cases importing a table caused the page to crash. A solution has been implemented to prevent crashes after table import.