The Right Traffic

The next section points out where to put the focus in order to get the right traffic. First, deltamethod stresses the importance of negatives and gives a visual presentation on the current usage and distribution of negatives in the account. The clinic analyzes the current situation and gives valuable feedback on how the performance can be improved by implementing the recommendations.

The Right Traffic01

The second section points out the number of duplicates present in the account. Having duplicates in the account is not recommended by deltamethod, since they compete with each other and can potentially drive the cost for advertiser. Therefore, deltamethod strongly advises to delete duplicates.

The Right Traffic02

The final step which helps to get the right traffic is the usage of specific sitelinks. The Account Clinic measures the number of campaigns with and without sitelinks. Based on these numbers, deltamethod reviews whether the sitelinks are being used and if their usage is maximized to benefit the ad fully.

The Right Traffic03