Increase Conversions

The forth section of the Account Clinic Analysis demonstrates how conversions can be maximized by focusing on three main aspects, presented in the underlying subsections. The first subsection summarizes the Long and Short Tail distributions. The Account Clinic shows us what you can do to improve your average position. It also evaluates whether the potential of long tail keywords has been fully exploited in the investigated account.This is fully in-line with deltamethod’s philosophy – which is to switch the main focus of the keyword portfolio from short tail keywords to the more effective and cost efficient long tail keywords.

Increase Conversions01

The second subsection identifies the share of different match types that are used. The main aim is to decrease the amount of broad keywords and work towards implementing and integrating keywords of more specific match types (exact & phrase).  Along the main results there are graphs available that demonstrate the CPO and CTR of the different match types.

Increase Conversions02

The third subsection assesses the account´s LP by looking at main KPIs such as Number of Keywords, that land on that specific page, CTR, CR, and Spend. The Account Clinic gives feedback on the quality of the landing pages, and gives suggestions on how they can be improved.

Increase Conversions03