The Brand New Campaign Suite 5.0

Published on: Oct 28, 2013

Auto-Create Campaigns And Ads

Our extremely granularly configurable structure creates huge amounts of highly specific long tail keywords as well as their campaigns and very targeted ads. Together with a sophisticated negatives management enjoy reduced cost and benefit from higher click-through rates. After a first setup, this runs almost completely automatically.

Automatic Status Management

No more advertising for out-of-stock products! Seamlessly integrate your product feed and make campaign statuses dependent on your inventory.

Advanced Reporting

Watch your success! The C level Dashboard pinpoints your most important measures. Drill them down from account to keyword level investigating each of your KPIs and benefit from a dozen of stunning reports describing your account.

Automatic Performance Improvement

Built-in SEA coach! Profit from algorithm-based prioritized recommendations constantly supporting your improvement.


Reduce time, complexity and worries! Auto-sync granularly chosen contents to your AdWords account.