Search Platform October 2018

Published on Oct 30, 2018

Major new features


This function is required when using Google’s ad customizers with a default text. A list of these is available in your Google Ads account. The first argument of the AD_CUSTOMIZERS function must be the database name. The second argument must be the column of the database. The third argument specifies a default text, for cases where Google is unable to match any entry in the database to your ad. This way, you can make sure your ad is always running. The fourth argument is required for Crealytics’ Search Platform to know the maximum characters for the values in the database list. Please check the list in the Google Ads account, and count the characters of the longest value. Put the number into the fourth argument. This number must be equal or below the character limitation of google.  Make sure that the length of the default text is not longer than the specified length.

Use-cases for Google’s ad customizers:

  • Temporary promotions
  • Ad testing
  • Include prices, stock levels or discounts in an ad dynamically

More information and examples:

Feed imports via FTP with a secure layer

Search Platform supports now feed imports via FTP with a secure layer (FTPS).

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix of ad customizer functions in expanded text ad fields path1/path2
  • Fix visibility of longer filter values for table filters like Starts with, Ends with…
  • many back end improvements