August Release Notes

Published on: Aug 19, 2013

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new tool, the deltamethod Account Clinic. Our latest product executes an excellent performance test of any AdWords account. It can analyze and evaluate your Google AdWords account within minutes. The Clinic gives a clear and accurate diagnosis of an account by taking all vital factors into consideration. Furthermore, it gives recommendations on how to enhance the overall account performance. The tool is unique because of the following main characteristics:

  • Easy integration with your AdWords account
  • Clear presentation of the current performance
  • Professional recommendations and managerial implications
  • Creation and supply of CSV files in order to optimize ads

In the following we will provide you with a brief description of the single tools that can be found within the Clinic:

“Account Overview” gives you, as the name suggests, an overview of the general performance of your account, including the most important KPIs. deltamethod rates the performance and gives you an overview on where improvement is possible.

“Boost Revenue” provides insight into the best and worst performing keywords of the account. The tool estimates the amount that you have missed out on, or that you have wasted due to aggressive bidding. Consequently, deltamethod suggests a recommended bid price for each keyword in order to boost the revenue!

“Optimize Ads” gives insights into your testing practice as well as actual ad performance. Firstly, poorly performing ads are outlined in order to pause them and improve overall performance. The Account Clinic offers a CSV-file that can be downloaded and imported into AdWords Editor for immediate improvement of your three campaigns with the most potential. Secondly, we evaluate the ongoing ad testing.

“Increase Conversion” gives a brief overview of the distribution between short and long tail keywords, the performance of different match types and the granularity of your landing pages. Typically, these analyses generate some good insights as to how the portfolio can be optimized.

“The Right Traffic” analyzes the account´s use of negatives, checks for duplicate keywords, and shows for how many campaigns Sitelinks are used to maximize CTR.

“Quality” shows your keyword portfolio’s distribution of Quality Scores and the performance of the single ad elements. The Account Clinic outlines poorly performing elements which should be altered and improved in the future.

“Tips for Success” analyzes several settings, which deltamethod recommends to be set within an account in order to maximize performance. If you deviate from the suggestions, you may want to reconsider your settings.

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