Campaign Suite 6.3.3

Published on Jun 20, 2016

Major new features

  • After joining forces with crealytics you will find the reference in the logo and other places
  • Omnipresent navigation shows all Campaign Suite tools. Some of the features may be grayed out, if the account was not yet linked with Google AdWords.
  • If you have connected your AdWords account with Campaign Suite, you will find basic KPIs on the Campaign Management page for single templates. Also you will see a new “compare” button which will open a window where the differences between the templates are visualized. This way you can easily identify the most important templates and focus your work on the most valuable areas.
  • HTTPS can be enabled for final ad URLs
    Although it’s not possible to change the final ad URL in Campaign Suite, we wanted to provide the option between HTTPS and not encrypted (HTTP) websites.
  • Red error messages appear if the inventory-based status management is used, but the according relations or table entries were changed or removed. This feature was designed to prevent and easily troubleshoot problems related to inventory-based status management.
  • The template status icons on the export page were changed, since this caused confusion with similar icons on the template overview page.

Major bug fixes

  • If an account is expired the user will see a message and is asked to contact our support team
  • Tracking templates for sitelinks are visible in all templates
  • In dynamic rules the “Set to” action can now be used with boolean (true / false) values again
  • In dynamic rules space can be used to separate words, although trailing spaces will be removed
  • If a newly created table has the same name or prefix of an already existing table the message was suppressed. This is fixed now
  • Usage of special characters (;=*!<>()[]@\?) in global variables, which caused errors in the generation process, is not allowed anymore