Campaign Suite 6.2.0

Published on Jul 24, 2015

Important: This Campaign Suite release includes an update to how Google Accounts are connected. As a side-effect all contents appear as NEW during their next export. However, this does not have any implications or consequences.

Major new features

  • The mapping tool is a powerful new feature to get rid of keywords, which nobody searches for. The tool creates a mapping table (go to “Add new table” > “Search term mapping”) in which entries from other Campaign Suite tables are matched to the related AdWords account’s search term report. Finally only the mapped table combinations are being exported. Learn moreMapping Tool 03
  • Tracking templates can now be defined for sitelinks. Click on the gear symbol and “Tracking templates”. After defining custom parameters in such a sitelink tracking template, it’s now possible to set their values in each of the sitelink templates.Sitelinks custom parameters
  • If a text ad is longer than Google allows, the Campaign Suite does not generate it. A new feature takes this information and presents it at the top of each ad template. It gets updated with every template preview generation or export of the template.                                                                Test Ads too long
  • The Google Account connection settings were improved. In the settings, three new tabs allow for a better overview. Furthermore, it is possible to create dummy accounts even when an MCC is connected. The selection of MCC sub-accounts is no longer an exclusion list. Selected accounts will be available in the Campaign Suite.Connection Settings
  • During the feed import or the import of a csv file a new feature allows to manually choose the text qualifier and escaping character. The Campaign Suite is able to automatically detect the text qualifier, but not the escaping character. It assumes the escaping character to be the same as the text qualifier. Therefore, this feature is important for users who import a feed that has the same character as the text qualifier inside the fields of the table but the escaping character is not the same as the text qualifier.

Major bug fixes

  • Due to a caching bug the results of the template preview could stay hidden forever, while a message was stating that the template was still being generated.
  • In the table backups menu, a bug was fixed, which could cause the sorting not to be chronologically.
  • A bug was fixed, which caused multiple table backups to be created after a dynamic rule was executed. Now only one backup is created in such a case.
  • When an error interrupted the template preview generation, the progress bar was still visible and running in some cases. This bug was fixed.