Campaign Suite 6.1.1

Published on Apr 22, 2015

Major new features

  1. A new feature allows to go directly to the assigned tables of a template. In the template, click on the small new button next to the template selector. A menu will appear that lists all assigned tables and allows to go to them directly.Table selector
  2. A new function allows to use Google’s ad customizers in text ads. The syntax of the function is “AD_CUSTOMIZERS()” and it needs three arguments. Learn more Ad_customizers
  3. The page was updated to a new
  4. Template names are now allowed to contain spaces.
  5. Several new events have been added to the Campaign Suite history. Furthermore, the usability of the History page has been improved.
  6. When importing template variables from other templates, the list now only contains those templates, which actually have template variables.

Major bug fixes

  • On the export page, for new and deleted entries, the according plus and minus icons had not been displayed. Instead the pen icon, which is supposed to indicate changes, had been used for all.
  • A bug prevented the table import to work in product tables if the product table had been created with the product feed wizard.
  • After activating Analytics a bug prevented the “Analytics” and “Optimization tools” to appear for some users.
  • Template or global variables with long names looked squeezed since the last update.
  • When writing text ads, dragging a template or global variable had the effect that the text ad fields closed.
  • Changing a special url table did not cause the templates to which it is assigned to be re-generated.
  • A bug caused the product feed wizard to import some tables differently compared to how the user mapped the columns.
  • Sorting table columns has been improved. A bug had made it necessary to click several times until the sorting was removed. However, this is quicker now. The new logic is that clicking once leads to A-Z, a next click will lead to Z-A and a third click will clear the sorting. This works even when leaving the page in between.