Campaign Suite 6.0

Published on Jan 6, 2015

Major new features

  • The relations of special URL tables (FKA static url tables) are now also visible under “Relations” in corresponding templates.Special URL relations
  • Colourful icons depict from which table types a template is comprised.Brand + Category Table Type Icon
  • In the text ads tab, the counter for static text was improved. It no longer counts static text, which is inside functions.Static Text Counter

Major bug fixes

  • Under “Assign tables” it was possible to select mapping tables, which were already used under “Relations” > “Create items only if referenced in [TABLE]“. This bug was fixed.
  • The creation of new tables and the saving of dynamic rules was optimized to be much faster.
  • A bug was fixed, which caused uploaded company logos to vanish.
  • In the “Relations” window of templates some relations mistakenly received the type “Advanced status management”.
  • Dynamic rules, which were set to execute automatically, were displayed as if the automatic execution was off.
  • When changing a global variable, this was not updated immediately in all templates. Instead the templates displayed errors.

Hotfixes since last update

  • A bug was fixed, which caused the Campaign Suite to be slow in a certain situation.
  • After the last release selected “dynamic inventory” columns in the Status Management dialog has disappeared for some templates. In fact they only disappeared in the interface, while they were still selected. This bug has been fixed.
  • The template preview has been missing some of the keywords and text ads for some templates.