Campaign Suite 6.0.3

Published on Feb 19, 2015

Major new features

  1. The feed settings allow to edit the settings of connected feeds. This feature was now updated in order to allow for changes in the column mapping. Furthermore, it displays the URL of the connected feed.
    Feed Settings
  2. The “Campaign Management” pages (template and table lists) were updated. Text ad previews look more like in the search engine. The statistics below the template name were rebuilt. The numbers come directly from the template generation and are no longer estimates but the exact amounts. Furthermore, three template status icons allow to distinguish between ‘unchanged’, ‘changed’ and ‘require review’. Export ‘changed’ templates in order to keep your accounts up-to-date with all the changes you make in the Campaign Suite.
    Ad preview
  3. While editing text ads a static text counter shows the number of characters. This counter was extended. It is now able to tell how many characters are minimally and maximally in each of the table columns, template variables and global variables. Therefore, when you use table columns or variables, it will show a range. This range helps to distribute your ad contents adequately between the four fallback fields in order to make best use of the allowed text ad characters.
  4. The Adalyzer is now able to evaluate ads on ad template level. Use this option to achieve greater transparency over the best performing ad templates for each template. You ensure that all ad groups of a template have ads from the same ad template.

Major bug fixes

  • In the template variable window of templates, the yellow preview areas below the fields were not always displayed. This was fixed.
  • In the template details page, when opening the “Define structure” settings and changing it to “custom”, the fields for entering the naming convention did not appear. This bug only appeared in Firefox.
  • A bug was fixed, which caused the wrong list items to be deleted when creating new tables from a product feed.
  • After adding a product feed via the new product feed wizard, the automatic execution of scheduled imports or the manual triggering of “Import feed now” failed. Furthermore, feed settings were not properly saved.
  • When connecting a Google MCC to the Campaign Suite, its sub-accounts were sometimes not made available in the account_google columns of tables.
  • If template generations fail, the according templates get the status “generation failed”. This is visible in the template list of the export page. However, for some kinds of failures, templates mistakenly received the status “generated”. This also had the effect that they pretended to be still generating in the template preview, while there was already an error message.
  • Below the id and name columns in the table page, a bug prevented from dragging the scroll bar. Additionally, several misaligned items were fixed in this page.
  • In the Analytics dashboard a bug caused the pop-up on the data points of the graph to always show the ROI value, even if a different KPI was selected.
  • The recommendation “Reactivate keywords” had the bug that it also suggested to activate keywords, which were already active.

Hotfixes since last update

  • True/False buttons in tables were not reacting to clicks.
  • A bug had caused table imports to fail. Instead of importing the proper contents, only numbers were imported into the name column.
  • The row with the search fields in the table page was not scrolling together with the rest of the table contents.
  • ZIP-file names were updated to be always unique. A problem had occurred for a case in which two exported ZIP-files had the identical names and could therefore not be extracted properly.
  • After the release of the new enhanced sitelinks there was a bug. Sitelinks that had existing prior to the last release were mistakenly exported as new items even though they had already existed.