Campaign Suite 6.0.1

Published on Jan 22, 2015

Major new features

  • A new feature allows to use commas in list fields even if they are imported via feed or csv file. This feature is optional. Please contact us if you want to use it. However, please note that this requires you to adapt your feeds and csv imports in the way that list items are separated by newline characters instead of commas.
  • The Campaign Suite history was improved. More actions now have links to the corresponding table or template. The date selector was improved and several small bugs were fixed.
  • Feeds with duplicate columns or with two columns, which have the same header, previously were not supported. Now the Campaign Suite is able to import such feeds including both of the duplicate columns.

Major bug fixes

  • A bug was fixed, which prevented users from importing csv files without headers into tables.
  • Drop down selectors in the table details page were not properly displayed if they were at the end of the table. This problem was solved.
  • Reactivation of deleted tables was fixed. In some cases deleted tables were not reactivated properly.
  • Error messages of some templates were presented during the export of other templates to which they didn’t belong.
  • The CPO value in the dashboard was zero for the case of no orders in a certain time period. Now it displays the total costs if there were no orders.

Hotfixes since last update

  • The performance of generations was improved, especially for cases with inventory-based status management.