The Campaign Suite offers detailed reports, gathered from data available on the Campaign Suite and Google AdWords. The reports page provides graphical and tabular previews of relevant data. Follow the instructions below to generate a custom report.

Reports page

Step 1: Select report type and time span

Choose between a “time series report”, which compiles campaign statistics according to chronology, and a “table report”, which summarizes data according to your existing CS tables.
Specify the time series from which data will be included in the report. The Campaign Suite offers commonly used time spans such as “Last working week”, “Last week”, “Last 30 days” and “Last 60 days”. Select exact dates for the report using the custom date option. Click on “load data” to update the graph and table views.

Step 2: Select Other Dimensions and KPIs

Click on the “Dimensions”, “KPI’s” and “Chart” tab to add or change columns from the data set.

Select dimensions Select KPIs Select chart

Step 3: Download Your Report

After making adjustments to the dimensions of the report, click on “Download Report” in the lower right corner to obtain the custom report in CSV format.
Download reports

Read more about AdWords report types.

Advanced Hints

The Campaign Suite offers to receive certain reports via e-mail. Simply go through the step-by-step guide for a custom report (see above) and open the tab “Schedule Report” instead of step 3. Enter a report name, multiple e-mail addresses (one in every row) and set a schedule consisting of the frequency and time. Proceed by clicking “Schedule”.
Scheduled reports