Optimization Overview

Use the optimization tools in order to benefit from possible improvements to your Google AdWords accounts. Optimization tools offer recommendations, tips and hints. These can be found in the tab “Optimization tools”. However, the tabs “Analytics” and “Optimization tools” only appear after activating them. If they are not activate yet, please follow the analytics setup instructions.

The “Optimization tools” tab offers three tools:

  • The Recommendation Stream offers solutions to boost the performance of campaigns. The recommendations are arranged according to relevance and are categorized into three subgroups: “Block traffic”, “Check URLs” and “Redirect traffic”.
  • The Adalyzer is a valuable tool that compares text ads within the same Ad group and template and figures out which ones perform best. Under-performing ads should be paused and possibly replaced by new ads to continue the testing process.
  • The Research Keywords tool tracks the performance of search terms. This will help you make better choices and decisions regarding which keywords and negatives to include in your campaigns.