Landing Pages

Watch Google’s introduction video for Landing Pages here!

A landing page(LP) is a web page that appears after clicking on an advertisement. The goal of the LP is to convert site visitors into sales leads. Furthermore, the quality of the LP is a major component of Quality Score. By analyzing the activity generated by the linked URL, marketers use the conversion rate to evaluate the success of an advertisement and its corresponding LP.

Quality Score

To prevent users from stopping their use of advertisements, Google wants to ensure that ads and their LPs are highly relevant to the search query. In other words, Google wants to keep its users happy and loyal. This is why Google is increasingly focusing on both relevance and content, not only of the ads, but also on the LP. In order to rank ads, a QS is calculated that, among other factors, is also influenced by the quality of the LP. Read more about the Quality Score.

Determinants of Landing Page Quality

The conversion rate(CR) is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action on the website. Usually, this is the purchase of a product. While purchases are rarely conducted on the LP itself, the relationship holds that the better the LP, the higher the CR. Whether an LP will be able to convert or not largely depends on its ability to meet the expectations of the user. This is why the LP must correspond to the search query of the customers and with the ad text.

LP testing and optimization is a never ending process. The following three factors influence the quality of the LP and help to improve it: content, transparency, and navigation.

Relevant and original content attracts users and keeps them returning to the website. The offer of the ad must be consistent with the LP.

The LP should be clear, containing only necessary information. Unnecessary questions are not desirable.

Buttons and links must guide the user to the conversion. The navigation should be easy and obvious. Consequently, a simple layout is the basis for clear navigation.

Examples: Good vs. Bad Landing Pages

lp2    lp1