Landing Pages AB-Testing

Having a perfect ad with a lot of clicks is worthless without an appropriate landing page. After clicking, users will be redirected to your website (Landing Page). Ultimately, if the LP is not appealing enough, they will leave without a conversion. Thus, your website, and especially your LP, has to be designed in an appealing manner. It has to include the content the customer was looking for and saw in the ad. In the following examples you can see some changes that have helped to improve a website’s CRs.

Example 1

In this example, the website was simplified. Text and irrelevant information were taken out. Furthermore, the resolution was increased.


Example 2

The improvement in this website has the aim to build trust, present the image of happy customers, and be less confusing.


Example 3

Sometimes small changes can play a big role. In this final example, the rounded edges and the larger field worked out better for the advertiser.


To conclude, testing is crucial for a good optimization process. Only through testing are you able to conclude the preferences of your audience, and make important decisions based on those conclusions. You make sure to keep yourself relevant and appealing for your customers.