KPI Browsing

Watch the video to learn how to use the KPI Browsing feature!

The KPI Browsing page offers a detailed representation of several important KPIs of connected AdWords accounts. Furthermore, it allows to drill down into multiple levels and understand which element of which account had which performance. A huge advantage of this tool is that it supports the deltamethod logic of tables and templates as well as the Google logic of campaigns and ad groups.

Step 1: Define time Period

Click on the “KPI” tab. Then choose the desired time period that you want to analyze. Next, define the view by choosing between the “deltamethod view” or the “AdWords view”. The first view displays everything like you have defined it in the Campaign Suite. The latter view represents how AdWords formats your inputs from the Campaign Suite and displays it on AdWords. You can also choose in which order the performance indicators should be displayed, best to worst or vice versa.
KPI overview page

Step 2: Browse KPIs

On the left side there is a table with all important KPIs and the portfolio’s corresponding values. The analyzed KPIs include: Impressions, Clicks, Avg Position, CTR, CPC, Orders, CR, Cost, Revenues, Revenues (Click), ROI, CPO, RPO, and RPC.

Steps 3: Drill down on the Account

Click on your desired KPI in order to drill down on your account. After clicking, you can see best and worst performing templates (order defined in step 1). Click on a template to look into the corresponding ad group level. Next, click on the ad group to examine the corresponding keywords.