Deltamethod Philosophy

Managing big online advertisement accounts means a lot of work to the SEA-managers, because each offered product or service has to be represented by a matching advertisement. deltamethod has a lot of expertise in SEA and therefore developed software that helps the SEA managers to optimize the search marketing channel.

The match between the keyword the user entered, the ad that is shown and the landing page should be perfect. This requires a high granularity on each level. Managing this search chain for millions of products cannot be done manually. deltamethod introduced a new approach to manage complexity by creating a software that manages interests instead of single keywords.

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Starting the development of a campaign, one has to anticipate and collect all possible search queries, which potentially match your website’s content. The deltamethod Campaign Suite can combine several web content-related words to keywords. Throughout this process, deltamethod focuses on generating highly relevant Long Tail keywords in order to capture all potential buyers at a low CPC.
The second step is to create corresponding ads. Using keywords in the ad test will cause them to be displayed in bold letters. The ad will attract even more attention, which increases the CTR.
The final step is to provide a qualitative landing page. After clicking the ad the potential customer should be led directly to the advised products. The ideal landing page includes a selection of products, sticks to promised promotions and enables the visitor to complete the sale in an easy and fast manner.