Clean Up Tool

The Adalyzer uses an advanced scientific method of beta distribution probablility for ad optimization. But due to lack of sufficient data, it might not be able to optimize the ads which are highly similar or which have really low number of impressions. Therefore, inside some ad groups there could be some ads which are not optimized. This results in more than one ad being present inside some of the ad groups. The Clean Up tool deals with this problem and wipes out the less performing ads keeping only one ad inside each ad group.

Purpose of the tool

  1. Since all ad groups afterwards contain only one ad, it becomes easy to manage the template.
  2. Ad rotation is made more effective for the next A/B tests, because fewer ads are inside each ad group.
  3. Overloading of ad groups is avoided. After performing multiple Adalyzer tests the less relevant ads do not keep piling up.

Logic of selecting best text ads

For all the ad groups where the Adalyzer could not take a decision, the Clean Up tool aggregates the data for all the ad templates. Then it selects the best ad template based on the following logic:

  1. If all the ads have at least one conversion, the best ad template is selected on the product of the CTR and the CR.
  2. If at least one ad template has no conversion, the best ad template is selected based on the CTR only.

When downloading, you can choose to either pause or delete the non performing ads.

Settings for the clean up tool